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              Shenzhen City Zhongan Technology Co., Ltd. a high-tech transportation industry, is in the collection of transport facilities established chain of basic technology R & D personnel and improve the PRD professional on the new high-tech private enterprises, the company has been committed to the professional and intelligent transportation traffic safety facilities product development, design, produc…More》
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              Angola Transportation: five advantages of L…

              Advantages Angola LED traffic lights traffic very much. From the actual situation, we can summarize a few below: 1, LED light directly into electrical energy by the heat generated is very low, almost no heat. LED traffic lights cooled surface to avoid bur

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                1. When the green light to sign the forward vehicle traffic permit all other turn (turn left and turn right) Without prejudice to the vehicle straight vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, according…
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                Since the 1970s, Chinas self-developed signal from the time, the domestic level of signal quality between dozens of years has been significantly improved. Especially after public safety standards lucky…
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                1. Check the vertical support required hole position, depth and diameter.2. detect vertical or adjust vertical support. Backfill compaction test status.3. Detection of cable anchor position.4. supervis…